Prof. Fujikawa will give a lecture att he award ceremony for SDGs Design International Awards 2021 on October 16.

The SDGs Design International Awards (SDGs Awards) aims to encourage young people by inviting design ideas that will lead to the achievement of the SDGs goals from students around the world and awarding the best entries.
This year’s event, the third of its kind, will be held under the theme “Let’s create a carbon-neutral society. -“The theme for this year’s event, the third of its kind, was “Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast. The world is counting down to the realization of a “carbon-neutral” society where greenhouse gas emissions are virtually zero. Design is needed in every aspect of our lives, including the environment, cities, architecture, products, communication, services, and social systems, and this year we received 83 entries from 11 countries and regions. This year, we received 83 applications from 11 countries and regions.
The award ceremony, to be held on October 16, 2021, will be held in a completely online format that can be viewed by tens of thousands of people. In the keynote speech, Professor Shigenori Fujikawa, Director of the Research Center for Negative Emissions Technologies, Kyushu University, will introduce his cutting-edge research, and last year’s award-winning team will introduce case studies of social implementation. (This lecture will be given in Japanese.) In addition, the 13th Asian-Pacific City Summit Special Edition to be held by Fukuoka City will feature an address by the President of Kyushu University, an introduction of Kyushu University’s research, and a lively discussion by the SDGs Design International Awards 2021 winners and judges on October 27th from 3:00 pm.

Date :Saturday, 16 October 2021, 2:00 pm ~ 4:00 pm

Youtube will be opened from 13:30pm)

Format: Online

Language: Japanese

Attendance fee: Free

Program (Japanese only)